Welcome to the Sedgemoor POA Website

            Sedgemoor is a neighborhood located in the Carolina Trace community.  There are 103 homes and 67 undeveloped lots in Sedgemoor.  We have a pool with a covered pavilion and rest rooms and a tennis court area.

            This website is maintained by the Sedgemoor Board of Directors which consists of seven volunteer members who were elected by the community for three year terms.  We also have a three member architectural committee elected for three year terms.  The Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct the business of the POA such as maintaining our roads and common areas including our pool and tennis courts in a financially responsible manner, our participation in the Carolina Trace Association, and planning social activities for our residents.  Our goal is to keep our community an attractive and desirable place to live in accordance with our by-laws and reservations and restrictions.

Contact the Board of Directors at sedgemoorbod@gmail.com

For Carolina Trace Association information go to their website at www.ctaincnc.org

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